Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about scar treatment

Does Contractubex® make the scar disappear completely?

No, a scar is permanent and will never disappear completely. However, Contractubex® significantly reduces the visibility of scars. It is important to continue treatment for longer periods of time (3-6 months).

When will I see the first signs of success with Contractubex®?

Scar treatment needs patience, as the injured skin takes time to heal. The first signs of treatment success with Contractubex® are usually experienced as reduced redness, relief of tension and less itching. Temporary itching is, however, often a sign that a scar is healing well, and should not cause immediate concern.

How long should I apply Contractubex® for?

As a general rule, until you are happy with the results. A scar can “mature” for up to two years and is receptive to external influences during this time. Some people see satisfactory results after just a few weeks of use; other people treat their scar for a longer period. Of course, the duration of treatment also depends on the size and depth of the scar.

Will I still be able to wear make-up during treatment with Contractubex®?

Certainly. You just need to make sure you apply Contractubex® anti-scar gel before putting on your make-up moisturizer or sunscreen. This allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin as well as possible. Make sure, that the gel is compleatly dry before applying anything else.

Does Contractubex® work on older scars?

Yes, even older scars can benefit from treatment with Contractubex®. Bear in mind, however, that the treatment time will be longer than normal if the scar tissue is hardened or raised. Other forms of treatment (such as laser therapy, cryotherapy or cortisone therapy) may be advisable alongside treatment with Contractubex® for older, raised scars or scar keloids. Your physician will advise you on which form of treatment is most suitable for you. Our tips: • Dressings with Contractubex® Gel are particularly suitable for use on older scars. First, apply warm compresses to the scar tissue to soften it. Gently massage the scar gel into the scar tissue and cover the scar with a dressing, e.g. made of transparent film, overnight. • The use of Contractubex® Gel combined with therapeutic ultrasound is an effective and painless form of scar treatment to speed up the healing process of older, hardened scars. Speak to your physician or physiotherapist/occupational therapist for further details.

Can children be treated with Contractubex® ?

Yes, children too can benefit from treatment with Contractubex®. However, it is advisable to discuss scar treatment for children with your physician as the success of the treatment may depend on the cause of the scar. Before treating your children’s scars with Contractubex®, please seek medical advice from your physician.

Is Contractubex® clinically proven to work?

Yes, the clinical efficacy of Contractubex® to prevent and treat scars has been proven by numerous clinical studies. Doctors recommend and prescribe Contractubex®.

Where can I buy Contractubex®?

You can buy Contractubex® from your pharmacist.

Everyday Tips: How should a scar be cared for?

Avoid extreme heat and cold

Fresh scars are particularly sensitive. For six months to a year, you should be sure to use sun protection when exposed to intensive sun or UV rays. You should avoid saunas, as well as intense exposure to cold. All of these influences could negatively affect the regeneration process.

Do not wear abrasive clothing

Avoid wearing tight clothes or garments which can rub against scarred skin. Scar tissue is more sensitive than healthy skin. It may react to irritation of this kind with redness and hardening.

Take care of scars on knuckles, elbows and other joints

Scars located near bones should be particularly protected. Be careful not to reinjure the scar tissue. Fresh scars be easily re-opened when playing sports. The healing process can be disturbed by activities exposing the scar tissue to physical stress.

Application of Contractubex®

Contractubex® Gel should be applied as soon as the wound is closed and the stitches are removed. The formation of an unnoticeable scar is supported from the outset by early application and the scar heals in the best possible manner.

Extra tip: Bathe your scars

Bathing is recommended for scars on hands, elbows, feet, etc. Add a squirt of Contractubex® to lukewarm water and bathe the scar for an extended period of time.

Extra tip: Gel dressings

For large scars, the use of a gel dressing is recommended. Soften the scar tissue first using a warm, moist pad. Then apply Contractubex® in a moderately thick layer. Gently massage the gel over the scar. Then cover the area with thin kitchen foil. Put a dressing on top of this. Then simply leave the gel to work overnight.

Be patient

Some scars respond to treatment more quickly than others. But with enough patience and care, it is highly likely that the condition of your scar will improve a lot.