Areas of use for Contractubex® Intensive Patch

Contractubex® Intensive Patch can be used for many different types of injuries to the skin.
The Contractubex® Intensive Patch is an especially practical option for scars on areas of the body that are not as easy to reach, making applying a gel more difficult. The Intensive Patch is also ideal for cosmetic scars, such as those left following birthmark removal or a Caesarean section. Facial scars and those on other visible areas can also be gradually regenerated overnight using the Intensive Patch and covered up with make-up the following morning.

  • Abrasions
    • Abrasions are generally superficial skin injuries that arise when the skin is scraped over rough surfaces. This happens, for example, when falling on asphalt. Whether when cycling, inline skating or playing soccer, abrasions are a typical sports injury.
  • Cuts
    • Cuts are caused by sharp, smooth objects. This may be a knife or a broken glass or the sharp edge of a piece of paper. A cut usually passes through all layers of the skin and leads to a deep wound.
  • Lacerations
  • Lacerations are caused by blunt force, such as during a fall or if you hit something. They mainly involve regions of the body where the skin lies directly on the bone, such as on the skull, knee or shin.
  • Operations (including after Caesarean section)
    • Operations are a major cause of larger scars. Most operations involve deep, smooth incisions which are then cleanly sutured. In healthy tissue, such a wound heals quickly and easily. Nevertheless, a scar is also formed when there is good healing. It is important, for this reason, that the scar treatment is just as professional as the intervention itself. Contractubex® Gel ensures best results.
  • Burns or scalds
    • Burns or scalds are differentiated according to degrees of severity – from mild burns in which only the top layer of the skin has been damaged to severe ones in which all layers of the skin and the underlying tissue are affected.
  • Laser treatments (such as tattoo removal)
    • Laser treatment is one of the most common methods for tattoo removal. Although laser treatment is relatively gentle thanks to modern technology, the skin is injured and scars may form in the treated area without proper care. A clinical study has shown that if Contractubex® Gel is applied between the necessary laser sessions, scar formation can be reduced by more than 50%.* Therefore, Contractubex® should accompany laser treatment from the beginning and be applied between each session.

In general: Early treatment with Contractubex® Intensive Patch ensures, in all cases, that the resulting scars heal as well as possible and are barely visible at best.