Contractubex® Intensive Patch – the innovation

The soft and well adhering Contractubex® Intensive Patch is suitable for convenient overnight application. Applied to the scar tissue before bedtime, it remains on the skin for at least 6 to a maximum of 12 hours. The innovation here: The two layers of the intensive patch offer a dual mechanism of action – for physiological scar healing:

1. occlusion:

Under the soft layer of micro air cushions, a moist climate develops, which helps the scar to become elastic.

2. active release of ingredients:

The release layer contains the ingredients cepalin and allantoin. After the patch is applied, it is released for several hours.

Every evening a new intensive patch is applied. For smaller scars, the intensive patch can be cut to the appropriate scar size.

Once the wound is closed and the scab has fallen off or the stitches have been pulled, the Contractubex® Intensive Patch can generally be used. The sooner you start scar treatment, the better the chances of positively influencing scar development. Scar treatment can take 3-6 months, depending on the extent of the scar, because scar tissue regenerates very slowly. Be there with consistency and ambition – it’s worth it!

Contractubex® Intensive Night Patch is a medical device.