The positive effect of Contractubex® Gel on scarring and its good tolerability have been shown in various studies.

A large-scale observational study involving 1,268 patients who had both fresh and older scars showed that an improvement in scar condition and redness was possible within 2-3 months of 2x daily application of Contractubex®. More than 80% of doctors and patients rated the effect of the treatment on scarring as good or very good. (1)

Another clinical trial examined the effect of Contractubex® Gel in 107 patients who had a tattoo removed by laser treatment. Laser treatments are known to cause scarring. In the group that applied Contractubex® Gel between treatments after wound closure, scars were found to form less frequently. (2)

A combination therapy of Contractubex® Gel with therapeutic ultrasound* was examined in an observational study of 35 patients. In this combined treatment, Contractubex® gel was introduced into the scar tissue with the aid of ultrasonic waves. Within five weeks of daily application of Contractubex® Gel as well as supplementary treatment every third day with Contractubex® Gel plus therapeutic ultrasound, the overall result improved. More than 80% of the patients and the treating physician described the success of the treatment as well as skin tolerability as good or very good. (3)

A clinical trial examined the effect on scarring after heart surgery in children and adolescents aged 1 to 18 years. After six months, the group treated with Contractubex® Gel developed significantly less conspicuous scarring than the untreated group. Even after six further months without treatment, this significant difference between the two groups remained. (4)

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* Therapeutic ultrasound should only be used by qualified personnel. The treatment is offered by doctors such as dermatologists or also by physiotherapists.