Scar healing

Scar healing is a lengthy process that can take up to 6 months. Only wounds affecting, for instance, internal organs are able to heal completely, however. In the case of skin wounds, the body is only able to “repair” the damaged tissues. This makes it all the more important to use proven forms of therapy to support the “repair” process and reduce the visibility of the scar to a minimum.
It is essential that the scar is supplied with active ingredients and substances that inhibit excessive scar formation, reduce redness and improve skin elasticity and softness. Contractubex®‘s triple-action formula has precisely these beneficial effects on the skin healing process. It allows for the best possible “repair” to be achieved and scar visibility to be reduced to a minimum.
Treatment may well take 3 – 6 months depending on the extent of scarring, as scar tissue regenerates very slowly. Be ambitious and stay on course – it’s worth the effort!