Scar characteristics

Scar tissue is fundamentally different to normal, intact skin. It contains fewer hair follicles, sebum and sweat glands. Moreover, it is often devoid of the pigments responsible for giving our skin its natural tone – making it visibly stand out. Scars are also less elastic and supple, which can lead to an unpleasant feeling of tightness. The red colour of a fresh scar is usually the result of the formation of fine blood vessels. This reddening fades slowly over time, often leaving behind light-coloured scar tissue.

There are many different factors that determine how visible a scar remains:
Of crucial importance are the extent of the injury, what treatment the wound receives and whether it is allowed to heal undisturbed. Our age, health status and ethnic background also play a significant role in the formation of scars. An effective medical scar treatment is extremely important too. You should therefore start treating your scar with Contractubex early on, because doing so creates the best possible conditions for proper scar healing and minimum visibility.