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Children’s skin is particularly vulnerable so prevent scars from an early stage

Children routinely injure themselves in everyday life – playing, cycling or playing football. If you want the only reminder of your child’s championship match to be the trophy and not the scar, apply Contractubex® to small and medium-sized wounds from an early stage.

Forget small injuries quickly:

When our children hurt themselves, we need to tend to them.

1. Console them until they have calmed down.

2. Treat the wound.

3. Distract them from the injury, e.g. by playing with them or reading something to them.

Unfortunately children tend to overproduce connective tissue, which makes the risk of large, noticeable scars. Contractubex® contains extractum cepae (onion extract), which prevents this production of excess scar tissue. The result: a nearly invisible scar which is barely noticeable.

Scar care as a daily ritual

Regular application is especially important for successful treatment using Contractubex®. Make scar treatment a daily ritual so that you do not forget. For example, link it with brushing teeth or washing hands before eating. It will quickly become a daily routine for your child and the scar can heal optimally.


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