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How to mask scars skilfully even during treatment

If you find it difficult to look in the mirror every day because a scar has yet to heal, you can either ignore it or skilfully conceal it. Camouflage make-up is one way of temporarily covering up scars, redness or other skin blemishes.

Whether for a specific occasion or on a daily basis, concealing make-up can be used to make the skin appear more even and attractive. The make-up can even be used optimally during treatment with Contractubex® for covering scars without reducing the effectiveness of the scar gel.

Camouflage, a French military term meaning "disguise", is a type of decorative cosmetic effect. Unlike normal make-up, camouflage make-up contains much more levels of colour pigments, covering the skin more intensively. Camouflage products are waterproof, heat-resistant and have a high light protection factor.

Using a few practical tips, scars can be treated and concealed optimally so you no longer need to be self-conscious in public:

1. Clean face.

2. Pre-treat skin effectively: massage Contractubex® scar gel into scar until completely absorbed. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and accelerate scar reduction even with make-up applied.

3. Apply a thin even layer of camouflage cream to the affected area of skin. The colour tone chosen should match the skin type in daylight.

4. Apply fixing powder or fixing spray to make the patch of skin waterproof.

Professional camouflage lasts up to 36 hours and withstands even sunbathing, swimming or sport activity. Its removal therefore requires special cleansing which gently dissolves the pigment layer. Ask your dermatologist or pharmacist for more information.


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