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Summer, sun and scars –
What can you do?

Summer is here and everyone goes outside.
If only there wasn't this unsightly scar. In the summer, it is especially important to treat a freshly occurring scar properly because direct sunlight can permanently damage a scar’s appearance.

How does the sun affect scars?

Fresh scars should never be exposed to direct sunlight. The scar formation process is not yet complete, and the sun's rays may adversely affect the sensitive scar tissue while it is forming. They disrupt the regeneration of the tissues and thereby encourage unwanted changes in skin color and appearance.

How can I protect myself?

The good news first. With the right protection, no one has to spend the summer in the shade because of a scar. A few precautions will help you enjoy the summer without problems:

  • Cover your skin or use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor
    (30 – 50) – otherwise, a permanent brownish skin color may develop.
  • Protect fresh scars from water or use a "shower patch" while bathing, for instance.
  • Try not to stress or move the scar excessively.
  • Avoid friction on the skin from tight clothing.

No summer break for scar care

There is one aspect of all the precautions you take that is especially important – proper scar care. Treat your scar regularly with Contractubex® in the summer and on holiday, too. This will support the formation of a scare that is as inconspicuous as possible, and which you won't need to hide it next summer.


Contractubex® Composition: 100 g gel contains: 10.0 g Extr. cepae, 5000 IU heparin sodium, 1.0 g allantoin. Indications: Hypertrophic and keloidal scars, movement-restricting and cosmetically disfiguring scars after operations, amputations, burns, and accidents; contractures such as Dupuytren’s contracture and traumatic tendon contractures; cicatricial strictures. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to parabens. Side effects: Very rare skin reactions. Mode of action: Contractubex® exerts an antiproliferative, antiinflammatory, softening, and smoothing action on proliferating scar tissue. Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, Contractubex® should be gently massaged into the skin several times a day until all the gel has been absorbed. In the case of hardened older scars, it may be necessary to cover the treated area with a dressing overnight. Interactions: None known. Package sizes: 20 g, 50 g. Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Eckenheimer Landstraße 100, D-60318 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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