Emotional impact of scarring

Scars often have a stronger impact on women

A whirl of emotions can develop around a scar: Uncertainty, fear, anger, hopelessness. Scars can start to restrict daily life and damage confidence.

Insecurity when the scar is visible to others

Fear that a fresh scar could become infected

Anger about the cause of the scar

Worry about the loss of beauty

Pain both physical and emotional

Feelings of guilt about having allowed the injury to happen

Disgust when seeing or touching the scar

Sadness about the limits the scar places on everyday life

The less visible a scar is, the easier it is to live with. For best possible results, start treatment with Contractubex® as soon as the wound is closed or the stitches are removed.

That way your scar can be so discreet you will hardly notice it – and neither will anyone else.


Contractubex® Composition: 100 g gel contains: 10.0 g Extr. cepae, 5000 IU heparin sodium, 1.0 g allantoin. Indications: Hypertrophic and keloidal scars, movement-restricting and cosmetically disfiguring scars after operations, amputations, burns, and accidents; contractures such as Dupuytren’s contracture and traumatic tendon contractures; cicatricial strictures. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to parabens. Side effects: Very rare skin reactions. Mode of action: Contractubex® exerts an antiproliferative, antiinflammatory, softening, and smoothing action on proliferating scar tissue. Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, Contractubex® should be gently massaged into the skin several times a day until all the gel has been absorbed. In the case of hardened older scars, it may be necessary to cover the treated area with a dressing overnight. Interactions: None known. Package sizes: 20 g, 50 g. Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Eckenheimer Landstraße 100, D-60318 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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